Dear You

Dear You,

This is for you.

When you pulled my hair on the playground because you liked me.

My childlike mind accepted the tugs, not realizing using the word "No" was acceptable.

This is for you.

Who in fourth grade grabbed my butt.

As if I was an object available for personal use.

This is for you.

Who in middle school said I was "nasty".

Just for wearing a top that revealed the slightest bit of a 13-year-old's chest.

You thought It was a big word that made you strong.

I thought bad of myself and hid.

This is for you in high school.

You, preyed on my young heart and took advantage of my naive mind.

Shutting my resistance out and pushing only for more.

This is for you.

The boy that called me your world but littered it with words and ruined its perfection.

This is for you.

The one that not only stole my heart but stole away my body with lies, only to gain another notch in your belt.

This is for you

When you called me a “slut” and “whore” when I finally found my small voice.

This is for you.

All of you.

Those who ignored my No's and made me feel I had no control over what you did to me.

This is for all of you that silenced me.

This is for you.

The ones who call themselves "men" now.

But this is from me.

Now, someone who found her way out of a controlling cycle.

This is a reminder, for you.

My voice is here.

My voice is a reminder.

My voice is beautiful.

Dear You, all of you.


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