" Declaration"

These words follow me...
like verbs after a noun
Over and over again
Like the echoes of a sound
Pounding on my mind
Like a cop at the door
Until like a key, an opening it does find
Raiding this house
Turning over tables of doubt
Searching for worth...
the value of speech
To be spoken
Climbing mountains
Covering oceans
Crown...of man
Should I elaborate or do you understand?
These words...
taken lightly
easily spewed
while ears chew, digest, and let it stew like food.
leading to waste
Being too thin...loose
without thickness...the lack of tomato paste
But mine...
I desire refined
nutrition to the system
like veggies and fruits
Stirring up motivation, inspiration, and recruit
Saturated in life
like barbecue on a rib
Catching the mess like a baby bib
Then wiping the faces of many
with love
Only TRUE love originated from up above
These words...
curving the appetite of envy, malice, and spite
Evoking a craving for peace, joy, and contentment
Relentless towards Self-less care
Until every increment of yourself is spent
These words...
Playing a fine tune
Embracing and Breaking you down with every note
Carrying around the sound like a tote
Developing a song for your surroundings to take in
Bending the darkness of society
Standing out unlike the image of identical twins
These words...



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