How is hope restored,

sweet saving tonic, classic

resurrection, and avoidance,

but delight, shedding light!


Quickly losing it, loving more

less of anguish, trickle

and squish, black lever

switched, blue light on

there's a halo in the sky . . .


Shimmer sweet, cloying

syrupy sugar, and it's sweet,

and YOUR sweet―to―whoever,

and ever, and ever―amen.


Oh, but there's always more―

we don't stop till we hit the floor,

and the blue light goes off, but it's on,

we'll go on and on . . . until you

ignore us, and we go away, what

a start to a beautiful, new day!


Delusion keeps unhappy people

alive, so tell me, and her, and him

a lie, nervelessly, we'll be listening. 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

powerful expression!