Depression and Co.

Depression & Co.







You have molded me

Like a slab of marble

Not yet formed into the

Masterpiece that it

Is meant to be

And it hurt

The chiselle breaking off bits of my soul


But there are others

Others who helped

More than hindered







From all of you

I have learned things

Wonderful things

Lessons I will cherish

For all of the endless

Blink that is existence

Infinity in a moment


So thank you


Thank you Gratitude

Thank you Confidence

Enthusiasm, Satisfaction

Caring and Admiration

Thank you Hope

Thank you Serenity

Pride and Awe


But love and hate

Are two sides of the same

Dusty old coin


So thank you


Thank you Pain

Thank you Suffering

Heartache and Misery

Fear and Loathing

Thank you Guilt

Thank you Shame

Frustration and Hopelessness


For I have grown

And flourished

Under your harsh tutelage

But I will never be perfect

Though you have schooled me

In more ways than one

My masterpiece is not yet done


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Our world


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