United States
35° 1' 42.8952" N, 78° 57' 45.9432" W

Terror and fright consume me:
Light leaves and dark trails behind me.
I am forever alone with no one near or close,
In this secluded island, I stand morose.

I run and run,
With nowhere to go, I still run.
I shout and shout,
With no one to hear, I doubt.

I hear my heart pounding.
"Lub dub lub dub," it is saying.
I feel the cold, the emptiness, the despair
This misery I can no longer bear

I see a small flicker of light;
I run to that place with delight,
Only to see a firefly
I see my hopes awry.

It has been long
Where does the light belong?
As I wait, I see another demise:
The firefly dies.

I wait for another light to come.
And again, it fails me, my hope turns to crumbs.
Numb feeling, there is no glee.
I let the darkness consume me.


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