Thu, 10/25/2018 - 15:41 -- harmani

Destiny is something unreal to me

Yes my sister Destinie always said the right thing to me

Be smart, beautiful, and always follow your dreams


Sisters aren't always there for you, yet where was mine

When I was left crying in that bed

She laid there by my side

Right by my side she now stands there proud


Go Mani

Stay strong

My sister was there for me at all times


Through her struggles and all

At times when I was running for my life

She stood there by my side


Fighting these girls in the streets was what I had in mind

And when push came to shove she came there ready to fight

She would quickly tell me that wasn’t the way

And tell me I needed to get them A’s


Boys and sex were thrown in my face all day

But like time never failing she came through in every which way


When I felt as though I was left in the dark

She like the sunrise came and showed me my part

Yes she showed me that studying real hard was the way out


Now I look at her with love beaming from my heart

And with a big smile and that diploma in my hand I say thank you


I tell her that this cap and gown have become me

That those streets and boys wasn’t good for me

That those so called friends wasn’t there for me

That all those that doubted me

Would now look at me and see

That that once quiet little girl learned how to shine


Now in conclusion

I say with great pride

Thank you  

To the greatest woman alive

For fighting with her life

To stay by my side


This poem is about: 
My family
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