Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a universal bank that's headquarted in Germany;

Deutsche Bank is controversial and always will be.


Six former employees of that bank were accused of being involved in a major tax fraud deal, as you can see;

From 2001 to 2007, Deutsche Bank was engaged in covert espionage on its critics and I'm speaking honestly.


For its involvement in the Libor scandal, Deutsche Bank had agreed to a combined $2.5 billion in fines in 2015;

Social media is where a news story of Deutsche Bank's relationship with President Donald Trump can be seen.


In 2017, Deutsche Bank was fined $425 million and I'll tell you why;

The bank was accused of laundering $10 billion out of Russia and that's no lie.


In 2018, Deutsche Bank was charged with improper handling of "pre-released" American depositary receipts, which is true;

Agreeing to pay nearly $75 million to settle the charges is what Deutsche Bank would do.


Deutsche Bank continues to be controversial everyday;

Everyone should avoid going to that bank and that's all I have to say.

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