Diamond of a Different Kind


20° 35' 37.2624" N, 78° 57' 46.368" E

You’re a diamond of a different kind

You choose not to sparkle but outshine

With crazy faces and sleek lines

My dear, you’re a diamond of a different kind!

You won’t make it to the Queen’s ring

We’ll find you in the golden crown of king

You’re not ready to lose your edge

A harrowing grind has taken a stubborn pledge


You still disagree to settle in the 4-clawed cage

They look at you with furious rage

You’re still looking in the eye of the tiger

Telling him to hold a spot little higher

You refuse to be a fancy prisoner

“Not available. Look something else for her”

You’ve enraged the Queen. You’ve lost your mind.

Oh dear, tell them “I’m a diamond of a different kind.” 


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I really love this!

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