The Different Sounds

Life is full of many different sounds

Either a sound I hear or a sound I make

Both ring in my ear so loud

It's quiet 

Is that my phone going off 

O wait my phone is dead

I hear my heart ringing in my phone from time to time

Such an innovative form of communication

Don't you think

Don't you think its cool how tight of a grip you have on me 

How I hate myself for giving you that power

I take it back

I am my own

Maybe it's time to get a new phone

And yes 

It ain't easy to just get a new heart

Best learn to sew that shit back together

Would you mind if I used your needle

Forget it

So many a chance I have given to you 

Walked and crawled into your undependabilty

For once it is time for me to run into my happily ever after

And by the way there ain't room for two

Not tryna hear 'bout "me and you"

I'm sick of the crumbling clocks

The time I lost 

Sat here waiting on you to respond

It never dawned on me how full of shit you were until now

And WOW, can't you hear it

that sound, that sound

It's the sound of my spirit singing loud and proud

Just look at me bouncing from cloud to cloud

I've forgotten my fear of falling down

When I hear the wind blow there's the sound of a smile 

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