Wed, 01/22/2014 - 15:03 -- amrg3

Just leave me alone, didn’t I tell you I wanted to self-destruct on my own?

I’m not an open book, I’m locked away; I’ve just been warning you

I’ve fallen so hard and you’ve been so far behind

It would be like trying to catch a falling star, except I was never a star in your eyes

I was just some mottled thing clogging up your vision when you tried to watch the sun set

When the rain fell through the roof, I was the one trying to shelter you

And I would listen as your tears screamed out everything your mouth would not admit

I held the umbrella over you and let the rain fall on me instead

I used to like the way it felt, running down my skin, leaving its little patterns behind

Until I realized it burned and those scars would not fade away

So now I sit with my story and my disfigurements and let the rain fall anyway

And I absorb it; I let it in, just like I let you in

You left me alone, just like the rain will leave me dissolved and resigned

And when the storm clouds arrive, throwing lightning and rebelling against the silence with their thunder

I’ll just let them come, hoping that the other side is a clear sky and a new beginning

Without a trace of you in it, and hope that you too will find your breath one day


(copyright 2013 AMRG3)


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