do not rob God (from the book of Malachi)

will you steal from God?

you say i don't have the means to tithe

yet you rob from God

how are you robbing from Him?

in not offering tithes, and offerings

i see you wearing a $300 pair of jordans

i also see you going on a 7 day cruise from NY to the Bahamas

where you put your offerings to travel agencies rather than the House of God

you are cursed with a curse

you are robbing from God

no one is disputing to live a little, but don't say you don't have it

and you're spending money on items that costs more than 10% of what you should tithe to God

for you need to trust in Him that He'll provide what you need

Malachi 3:10 states to bring all the tithes into the storehouse

that there may be food in My House

And try me now in this

says the Lord of Hosts

If I will not open for you

the windows of heaven

and pour out for you such blessing

that there will not be room enough to receive it

Thank you Lord for the truth

the truth shall always set you free

so i ask all of you, please do not rob from God

He is not the enemy

the enemy are the one who steal, kill , and destroy




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Yes we shouldn't steal from God in the way u describe.  Very nice didactic poem. We shouldn't kill and destroy. Thumbs up.



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thank you for the luv and support

i'll definitely will read your latest work

God bless you


I really need to stop and say that it's pretty refreshing to see this brand of criticism. I don't usually see hypocrisy addressed this way. Conventionally, calling someone out on their false pretenses is more of a spiteful and condemnatory action than it is an attempt to persuade them to change their ways. This is one of those special cases in which the chastisement is not the sole purpose of the message, and the poem is presented as more of a plea than a simple lecture. Moreover, it's a positive plea that's done in the better interest of those addressed. That's infinitely more constructive, beneficial, and well thought-out than your average hypocrisy-shaming. It seems like you really oozed respect, good will, and politeness throughout this entire thing, and I respect that a lot. Excellently done. :)

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This is a poem that glorifies God
The drive behind this poem is to draw attention where people are robbing from God
Its about honesty to its core
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God bless you

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i love this poem

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