Do they really know or care

How do they know we walk through life not know who too talk to
How do they know we feel like a shadow in the dark
How do we tell them that everyone is against us.
How can we tell them that we are being hurt by others
We cant tell them because we are so scared
We are afraid of being outcast
But if one person give us a voice and one person give us a chance to live
Maybe we wouldnt be so afraid of what comes next
Now that we can talk we want to know why did you pick us to bully
Is it something you dont have that you see we do
Stand up against bullying and give your self the voice of reason give yourself the power to say stop it and not only that tell others about your story and together we wont be the fat girl the weak ass nigga the dumb ass bitch or the hoe in the corner stand up for what you think is right in walk with your head up high
Bullying should not be normal or should still be going on . Say no to bullying


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