Do you love yourself?

She's quiet, peaceful, and loved.

Not by others but by her creator and herself.

She does her work on time but they pressure

her against her morals. She stands strong and

helps others, they laugh and call her out of her

name. She watches their lives fall apart, with true

meaning, no true path, they have no strong

foundation and crumble down. She follows her own

path, runs her own race, she knows to trust the

process. But still, she questions, why? Why choose

the destructive path, why go against your morals, why

do wrong when you know what's right? Why? She lies

back, reflecting on her life choices thus far, and then…

she waits. She waits for days, months, years then finally

it came. They came. How can I  right my wrongs, they ask.

How can I  attain more self-love, self-confidence, how can I

be comfortable with myself they ask. She listens and despite

their history including the fact that she was viewed down upon

for staying true to herself, she answers. Yet, her response is

not what they anticipated, rather, her answer is who are you.

No, not your name, not what you do and not how old you are.

Who are you? Do you appreciate yourself? What is your

purpose and aspirations in life? Do you ever ponder about your

past, future and present self? She helps them find who they are

and encourage them to be who they want to be. Because

self-love and confidence are so extraordinary in her generation,

due to its scarceness, that she knows as of now her mission is

to support those who lack this fundamental element.



This poem is about: 
My community


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