Do you see?


United States
United States

What is it you see when you see me?

A girl? A person on the street?
Someone you would like to meet?

Am I defined by my clothes?
Or how I fix my hair?
Does it matter, do people care?

Am I a pretty face that just passes by?
Am I any different to a stranger?
Am I like a lone ranger?
Do my friends even know me?

They know my name.
But do they know my shame?
Who am I really?
I am a cat lover, a dreamer.
But at times I am a schemer.

Is it obvious when I am down?
I hide behind a smile,
But I can’t hold it after a while…
Do you see my smirk?
When I lay in the dark
I got a bad side, dangerous as a shark.

Perhaps I am less stable than I seem.
The shows I enjoy…
And those stories, oh boy!
But no, that is not me.
I want to be kind and sweet.
That is the person people see when they meet


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