Dont Do It!

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 11:11 -- Grace


United States
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Be yourself,
Dont hurt the people that dont know you,
Everyone is different,
Dont bully people because what if that was you,
You would look like a fool and would not know what to do,
We are suppose to stick together,
Forever and ever,
Bullying is not right,
You do these things out of spite to build your self-esteem,
Talk to someone about your problems,
Dont fight or hurt to solve them,
You are strong if you work together,
Be a leader not a follower,
Dont put a fist to the face to show your strength,
Because no one cares in the end because later on you wont have friends,
Dont do it, fight it off
Help someone out or go go jog that anger off,
Because your going through something does not mean to hurt others,
We all have troubles but we need to be sisters and brothers,
Keep your head up high and think before you speak,
love everyone , every now and then give your mother a kiss on the cheek,
Apoligize for your wrong before its too late,
Or you will be locked up forever and become a big Disgrace,
Dont do it,
I say ,
Dont do it,
You will have no one at all supporting you in the end, not even your best friend



I've been bullieed and i have friends who have been bullied now I am popular and people talk to me but i still help others who need a friend.

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