Don't Even Know Who is Looking at You

You don’t even know who is looking at you,

With these closed minds and solid faces.

They only see the obstacles,

And what’s keeping you from prodigious places.

Can you blame them? They love you.

They only want what’s best.

But all they can do is look at you,

Because you’re no different from the rest.

You can plead your case to the judge,

But the jury has reached its verdict.

Then wallets close, while heads turn.

Failure is the edict.

The doubt they have is utile,

The ammo in those millimeters.

But I can’t stress the transparency

Of the haters and nonbelievers.

The pen picks you up,

Not the other way around.

It deafens your ears,

As if the volume is turned down

Eyelids pushing forth the rain drops

The ones trickling from your nose.

That pen takes you where you want to be,

No worries—no foes.

Your mind speeds up for the race,

Against the heart beat in your chest

And for a moment you’re oblivious to the struggles,

That are putting you to the test.

You don’t even know who is looking at you

Can you see what they see?

With eyes clouded with desire

I don’t even know who is looking at me!

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