DPD is...

being unable to disagree,
because you're a bad person if you do


missing the person you love,
even though they just went to bed


mood shifts without warning,
all because someone said something wrong


calling yourself stupid and weak,
so other people will keep you safe


the fear of being too clingy,
because then people will abandon you


knowing you shouldn't be like this,
but being so helpless to fix it


feeling childish,
because you should be independent by now


DPD is the unpleasant experience of needing other people to an extent that makes you and others upset

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It's nice if you can express it like this poetically. Your poem can be a vent and help along with prayers. Thumbs up for the poem.

Pls pleez do comment my newest poem too. Interaction via comments feels warm in this cold world , where we should all be friends.

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