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Money and Fame, that's almost everyone's aim.

To be the best a what they do and find the perfect career to pursue.

However, my dreams are not the same.

Happiness is what I'd like to gain, for my goal to unfold.

See I love to hear people sing, but hate to sing myself.

I feel their passion go through my body with their beautiful vioce(s).

Then there are sports players and what teams they should go to, desions, desicions, decisons.

Well I want to help them make those choices.

To change my life or to change theirs, both dreams will be chased so it seems all but fair.

Their passion becomes my passion, to get them to where they wanna be.

And not have to waste their time WAITING to be.

Some people would tell us both, not to put our hope inevitably .

I am a Sports and Entertainment Manager.

This is no longer my dream, but it is reality.

I just need some help reaching it.


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