"I have a dream" - 4 words that don't really mean much, but have empowered an entire race of people, but I'm not here to talk to you about race.  You see, I have a dream.  But in my dream, everyone's a soldier.  Now, I'm not talking about fatigues and boot camp and "Saving Private Ryan".  No, we don't wear camouflage.  We're not trying to hide.  We wear a pistol of poetry in a holster in our hearts fighting a war against hatred.  Every word that escapes our lips is a shot we hope hits the heart and brings humanity back to humans, and then, once we stop hating, once we stop bullying, once we stop blaming the rest of the world, put the past in the past, work in the present and love in the future, once we can accept a person, be kind to a person, show love to a person, not because a person is like you, but because a person is a person, then I will say this war is over, but the thing about a dream is you wake up, and you see what this world really is.  Lying, stealing, beating, killing, it all causes heart ache and it makes my heart ache.  The time for dreaming is over.  I have no dream, I have a goal; to make you show love to your neighbor, the person on your right and on your left, in front of you, behind you, across from you, in the corner where you can't see him, but you know he's there.  I want a country to show love for his neighbor country, and make a unified heartbeat that the world can hear and the rest will synchronize.  I have no dream.  I have a goal.  Because if you don't pursue your dreams, they'll stay just that...dreams.


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