Dear Sadness,


I know You’re feeling blue,

Like an ocean tide scouring anew,

Bogging down my carefree garments and,

Dragging me to the bottom, into the sand

And I understand, that You will come and go,

As the currents of the ocean ebb and flow

But somehow, when Your waves crash over me,

Gasping for breath, I feel I will never be free


My tears, as salty as Your own,

Drown out all joy, and all I can hear is the drone

Of sighs, cries, Death’s serene lullabies, and I,

Wade further into despair, by heeding those sweet strains

The water freeing me from life’s stains

Until my feet no longer brush the sand and,

Then I’m swimming, but my limbs are weak,

Soon my voice too tired to speak

And then




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Our world
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