Drug Ballad

                                                                     Juan Sierra                                                                     Oct 31, 2018  Drug Ballad  I’m happy, I’m great so I say I know everything’s going to be okay I convey.  The child in me is no longer around, I mourn for him.Between heaven and hell, searching for one last play date I pray. Blinded by money, beautiful women and ambition mixed with drugsLord knows I have a good morning when I wake up.My demons hunt, taunt, betray, stab and use me. The devil whipped me. I don’t know how the normal roll. Realized I'm not a child no more I say.  So much I have to say, I have to speak up. Mostly sadness and bitterness, it’s madness. The joke here is I’m not afraid and how can I ?I’m already out of my mind for such a parade.  I don’t look both ways before I cross the street. Meds are such a treat. Combined with a cup of coffee and their neat. Blame the drugs I say.  It’s sad but a Percocet gave me a voiceIt’s disappointing but the meds do the talking. Don’t mind because everything looks all figured out on the outside. No one really cares for the inside either way. I’m serious it’s no lie. You’re reading words from a shallow soul with immense pride. I have peculiar voice, stay out of my way.      

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