I’m so drunk.

On the Fireball Whiskey that is a hot sun-filled day.

On the Vodka that is birds in the morning, awakening my sleepy mind with joyful melodies.

On the Peppermint Schnapps that is towering green trees.

On the Brandy that is air filling my sponge-like lungs.

On the Coors Light that is the baby bunnies bouncing in the meadows.

On the Red Wine that is alluring sunsets that penetrate my eyes and heart.

On the Gin that is white fluffy clouds swirling through the sky.

On the Rum that is butterfly, hummingbird, and ladybug wings.

On the Tequila that is elk calls ringing through the trees and impregnating my brain with the sound of the wild.

On the Bourbon that is the world.

Oh, I’m so drunk.


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Our world
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