Easing Around My Sadness

I suffer from depression,

I feel like a failed creation,

Blades once at my wrist,

Bleeding down into my fist,

My father forsaken me,

I never understood how this could be,

But I feel like I’m broken,

I leave many words unspoken,

I face eviction for the third time,

This life I live is tragic,

I want all the bad to go away,

Almost like magic,

I don’t want to stay,

But with a single parent,

I might be stuck here,

I get sad when I look into the mirror,

For I see myself frozen,

Because there’s no silver lining,

I wish the sun would start shining,

I still see that my wrists are red,

I used to wish I was dead,

But now I got a dream,

Something to prove,

I’m more than what I seem,

On the outside I look fine,

But on the inside I’m dying,

Please stop crying,

Until the day I die,

I won’t say goodbye.

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