An Eight Second Ride

Run down that runaway train,

Hold on to that wild buck's reins.

It's a crazy adventure

with a beautiful lure. 

Oh, kill me with your hands!

Pleasure me in your quick sands!

Set me on fire,

your body is my pyre. 

No time to bide

when your drinking cyanide!

A snap of your fingers, 

the friction never lingers. 

But the fantasies always stay,

your touch keeps me at bay!

Set aside the reasoning words,

Your eyes flutter like the birds. 

Your love is fast and furious, 

You always leave me curious.

You say the logic is moot

when there is so much to loot. 

I'll never leave

you have me by the sleeve.

Your fingerprints mark my body

To set your territory 

But in my mind

I know,

I know you are not mine.



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