Embers in the Dark

The world spins around in shades of black

All around my head my own thoughts betray me, planning their attack

I wish I could scream

Or wake up from this horrible dream

A never ending feeling of floating

The voices swirl around, silently gloating

Then out of the abyss I see specks of light

Such beautiful colors, corroding the darkness to a pinprick of light

The warm glow surrounds me and I rise from the fog’s steel grip

Feeling the cold pull back down I push on and trip

Sailing back down to that deep dark place

But as I’m about to hit the ground pitch vanishes without a trace

And then I see flashes fill my vision

A life so desecrated by depression in need of revision

The light of life is warm

Though my mind is still in the middle of a storm

I remember

Dark only surrounds in the absence of an ember

Once again I feel content

To live again the life I’ve been sent

This poem is about: 


Black Wings

Wow! I absolutely feel in love with this poem. I would love to read more of your work.

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