Happiness, you know what I mean. The joyous feeling you get when you smell chocolate chips baking, or finding a twenty dollar bill on the ground. But I ask what is that?  Hope, you know what I mean. The astonising bright light, ignited in your soul after find out your healthy. But I ask what is that?  Anger, you know what I mean.The powerful wave of crushing emotion, feeling only the need to inflict pain on those around you. But I know that.  Disappointment, you know what I mean.The suffocating feeling paired with regret. Neverending void of frustration and the inevitable. But I know that.  Vulnerability, you know what I mean. The raw and naked form of loneliness,That feeling of having no barriers to hide what you think or feel. But I know that.   Hopelessness, you know what I mean. Feeling yourself curl upinto your self even more. The desperation of wanted to do but can't. But I know that.   Fear, you know what I mean. The darkness that not only resides,In your closet but in the folding of your mind. But I know that.   Depression, you must know what I mean. A deadly combination of allI have named that I deal witheveryday and know.   

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