I have a lot on my mind 

And I wish I could show it 

But if I show it 

I'll probably start cryin'

And this is why I'm rhymin'

It gets all the things off my mind 

And keeps me from cryin'

I don't show a lot of emotion 

'Cause I Don't show want to show'um 

I'm weak on the inside

But strong on the outside 

And if I start cryin' it shows 

And if it shows 

The world knows 

Yes, my friends I do have emotions 

I just don't show'um 

If I didn't have emotions 

You would know it 

'Cause everyone knows that I love'um

I don't care who you are 

I don't care where you're from 

I don't know what you been through

But I want you to know that I love you 


I love you so much 

I would jump infron of a bus 

I would hold you in my arms when you need to cry 

And I would stand right next to you all your life 

So yeah I do have emotions 

I just don't show'um


This poem is about: 
Our world


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