entitlement mentality


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i work to get mines
you cut corners like going through the projects
i invest on a house
you invest on $400 dollar foamposites
i'm all about getting lots of money
you all about getting lots of honeys
just because i got money, im not entitle to give you jack
so you need to get off that crack
there are people well deserve that are actually poor
window of opportunity will open the door
then there are people who are on welfare
lazier than an old dog of age, yet, its becoming a warfare
people like that are cancerous
got to catch it early, if you dont, it gets too big and kills you

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I see the reason behind the poem. There are people in this world that think that things should just be handed to them, that they don't have to work for anything, like the country "owes" them something. It's a little dark in places, but it has good meaning behind it.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its a meaning that has impacted lives of mine and yours
its important to express and address those matters
always remember that each of us experience life in our eyes and more vital that we learn from one another
never judge anyone, just understand it from an objective standpoint
thanks 4 the support


All good things come to an end, its hard to sacrifice, its easier to take the easy way out....well written

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is reality
people need to stop making excuses or trying to get free money
everything in life is something you earn

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