We believe in the constitution, even willing to bet our lives on it, yet we aren’t even sure it’s actually complete

The equal rights amendment has never been truly ratified

Apparently America refuses to claim their woman, half their population , as equal

We must encourage the people to claim their mothers,the sisters, the daughters

for equal opportunity  or equal rights

Men are not the enemy but also many are just watching

Watching it as if it was one of the fake reality shows,  plastic America cherishes

Saying this is not real life

Alice Paul Suffragist leader, 1923 is spitting on her own grave

Betty Friedan, spitting in our faces as she created feminist mystique, and embarrassed of man’s obsession to be above

Yet here we are every person is screaming we are equal

Bleed the red white and blue, Be proud, We are free

Yet we should all be fearing

The fact our women are still having to deal with discrimination at work

Sexual harassment, Difference in pay ,And being asked in their interviews “ do  you have children”,“Do you want to have children”

And me being told, To never drink out of a mans cup alone

Without this amendment

Equality between sexes is nothing, it is not the identity of america

Claim our women on paper

Claim Amelia Earhart, Claim Eleanor Roosevelt

Claim Harriet Tubman the face of our 20 dollar  bill, And so many more

Claim them, On paper, Permanent ink

Claim them for our children,Gender equality is An epidemic

Congress ratified it 1972

The state's didnt States supposed to have a choice

They made a biased choice

And now we all act like its okay, Its okay to not be equal in the constitution

It's okay to know that your daughters will have to work afoot harder

A bit longer than some, Will have to check their bosses words

Make sure it’s appropriate, Will have to pack the pepper spray with their lipstick

NO PROTECT THEM, give them equal protection

From Assault,from discrimination, show our daughters

our mothers, our sisters equality

Show your sons ,your fathers

That your birth givers ,Your lovers,Your moons are worth claiming

You see ,When the constitution said all men are created equal

They shouldve said, All human beings are created equal!


This poem is about: 
Our world


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