Escape Into Reality

Wed, 04/13/2016 - 18:04 -- BlackE

Escape Into Reality

Naïve hearts and high standards of life

Page after page and chapter after chapter

Of text and truth.

Those worlds aren’t so far fetched for a fantasy.

The magical worlds of characters and ideas

Always awake at the touch of a hand.

Worlds of magic, love and pain

An escape from reality as eyes dance across pages.

Into another world of pain and heartache

Reality blurs around me as I am sucked into the page.

I can hide in between the words of characters who know life.

I trade my pain for that of a new world.

Thoughts consume my heart and mind as I become a

Member of a character’s being.

Damn the authors that break the hearts of those hiding

In their works of art.

Forcing me to flee to reality to recover.

As I close the pages I realize life has been sucked from my being

And I am forced to open the fresh wounds once more and

Dive back into the words of the pages and of the future.

Authors make deals with the devil to hand out naïve hearts

For the true world.

Page after page and chapter after chapter I am slowly killed by each word, and yet that is where I come alive the most. 

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