Every Side of Me

I am a tragedy
that travels towards nowhere
in which darkness resides.
At an edge, I find myself stranded
with a midst of conflicts rising.
It is difficult to escape sometimes
because all of my locked up feelings
finds its way to chain me away.

I am joy
with a sense of tranquility
in every step I take.
Though the sun gives me strength,
happiness and laughter
is where my true entity strives from.
Tell me, what can be more important
than happiness?
I believe there is nothing else.

I am a believer,
never taking my hands away from fate.
I know that I can’t turn back time,
and regret is the only thing
I do not believe in.
The only answer is to avert my eyes forward.
It’s impossible to run away from destiny
so I have to watch out for whatever it brings.

I am nothing,
yet I am a hidden gem.
I am always searching
for that sign of light to shine on me.
It wouldn’t even matter how bright it burns.
Everyone just wants to be noticed
and I understand that well,
for someone who is
always shadowed by another.
At least once,
I want to know how recognition feels like.

Which side am I?
It would be a lie to say “None of the above.”
Am I one of them?
No – I am all four sides.
I am a tragedy. I am joy.
I am a believer. And I am nothing.
I can’t deny either of those.
After all,
this is every side of me.

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