Everyone Goes Through This Phase I'll be Fine

Do the French VHL Math HW #37 read p 209-213 p214 #1,5,17,20,27,30 Physics WS AP Chem

Lab due tmr START the essay SSR due Dec 13 Test on Monday make study guide

Study for SAT mom said to do well so I have to do well to make her happ

y maybe you should make time for family why do you always come ho

me late why do you always have practice all the time shouldn’t you b

e focusing on your studies cheer is useless why waste your time wh

en you are losing sleep losing friends losing time when you coul

d have just joined something more reasonable and academic li

ke debate and now that you wasted all your time with your

family your grandfather is GONE and you CRIED



family.calculate the work done on an objec

t that travels 5cm when a force of 20

N is appliPV=nRT ideal gas low p

high t im oK[ineedabreak]leT m

e study in peace thank you so

you got a **** on the SAT

I see you need to

Op[my eyes]en

Your eyes[are]









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