Everything is Awesome, Even If It's Not, Yes It Is

Everything is awesome, even if it's not, yes it is. 

So much has happened since the foundation of this world 

So much that the days seem gloomy 

Thinking too hard turns you into a looney 

Tune in if you want to know the truth 

The truth being that everything is awesome 

Even if it seems like it's not, yes it is

There's a million and two reasons why everything is awesome

Let me give you one; you're alive

Although it might seem hopeless

All you have to do is continue to focus 

You ask me how do I know this, it's because I'm a survivor

One who has had the lowest low 

I couldn't even find the strength to get a tissue and blow 

But then I realized, there's someone experiencing worse

There's someone who didn't wake up today to even have the ability to complain 

You ask me how do I do this

I do this by finding joy in my sorrow 

By looking up when it's easy to look down 

Call me a clown because I joke around when pain starts to come around 

All I know is that everything is awesome 

Even if it's not, yes it is 


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