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Nock-knock who's there? A revolutionary miracle,
The dialect spoken, awoken by ignorance with a language satirical,
The antagonist of poverty, euro greedy charity,
Devil’s advocate is still derogatory,
The way a man is referred to is a parody,
Carelessly you know no history of the slavery.
You have more than you need.
There is more blood on your hands than Jesus did bleed.
The language spoken is stupidity, but there are those who
would appreciate the literacy than a fool.
Every 'n' has meaning behind it, unfortunately,
N stands for neglect for the water sprayed,
The bullets strayed, the bodies laid,
Children dazed, adults played, and yet you express with no sympathy.
'I' is for illiteracy most couldn't write, nor read,
They couldn’t play or they would bleed, couldn't speak or were beaten,
Couldn't walk on their feet and some couldn't use their hands and double G…
Gabbling Gelation (je-lation) this world created on imagination,
And the consistency to be a satire (sa-tear) imitation,
Of the black mailing hypocrites that let us starve on cold nights,
They tried to have black’s genocide,
they tried it but they forgot the cyanide. But they couldn’t cyanide it.
The black slave production was cruel and unjust, but we don't fight,
We just use incompetence to speak our minds ignorantly, like we have all the right.
Then you have the 'e'r' emergency room for the hated love with no outlet for grace.
just love that in days time will be forgotten, with facades and masks that cover faces.
Those whispers in my ear I heard that type love that manifested in to your body,
Leaving the pain of remembrance, gashes whipped lashes before the blooded sea,
It was manmade, a memory for the pain some cried to fill to bleed to rain.
Made me second guess being born into "niggerance" because blacks wouldn’t sustain,
I’m quick to speak up, show my equality, my determination is ambiguous,
And I’m into polygamy because my meanings will be promiscuous,
Trickling thoughts evade those will never comprehend the black educated words That I speak,
My words will push and bully and laugh as some stumble over their own feet,
See last time I just let black rain pouring into a pain sharing ocean,
With black doctors now-a-days we even have healing for the broken,
But that's just the contradicting part, because I still hear the word "Nigga."
Take from that dialogue Niggers. *Drop mike*

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