The Eyes Have It

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 11:39 -- koi.


United States
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Eyes speak no lies,

unlike the lips in falsely

upturned lines

curved like spiders

weaving truth out

of a script from the

mind; it lies

Those eyes reveal sadness

when the whole world

laughs and smiles

doubled over at the waist

falling to the floor clutching their sides;

but the eyes don’t lie

Those eyes reveal excitement

when the body is hidden by Pine

the ground reddish brown,

barefoot sinking in soil like

the fingers that mold clay

or the hands that knead dough

while the world remains

hold up and eyes glued

to television sets of

mind numbing “reality”

feeding security like

politicians hiding stakes

and pitchforks aflame

in closets hidden by shelves of

books about Machiavellian politics

Those eyes show her confusion

to an equation six figures long

with voices like knives for tongues

Embarrassment fueled by the

consensus of laughter at

her expense because she can’t

understand the dividing of

imaginary digits so unlike

the combining of words

a page long that tell of

her mother’s struggle, her song

And those eyes show her peace

when legs dangle over wood porches

naked feet aching to kiss the earth

Red and Orange streaks painting the sky

as she cries out with her arms

stretching forward as if to

embrace some unseen father

that is strong and brave, present

No, the eyes cannot lie,
so unlike the smiles of flickering lines...


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