no one is more you-er than you...

"you're fat, you're big, you're dark" is it all true?

invested time trying to change the views

the comments, the likes, the photos

all for appoval from people who don't get the picture

What's the real issue? Letting them judge or them judging? 

Do they know she has an eating disorder?

my last string, I'm done I don't care

pulled and pulled on until they heard a tear

Torn apart, not cause they pulled it, but cause i fought back

I am free, I am ecstatic, I am out the crack

"It's only junior high and you dealt with all that?"

not dealt more like beat, defeat, I defeated it

looking in the mirror now, years later

that insecure vulnerable little girl is now a woman

She is beautiful, confident, smart, ambitous

in the most auspicious time in her life

she learned that once you've accepted your flaws

no one can use them against you

and for that, she is flawless
















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