Fallen Angel

I used to get bullied/ been called names/ sometimes for no reason/ like what's their motive/ I just know that back then I didn't wanna live no more/ close the door/ end of chapter/ but while I was on the crapper/ writing lines/ hey why not mentally ruin their image/ their popularity/ but my lyrics are not for charity/ but listen closely you fucking cunts/ prepare to be scared of me/ I'll grab a white mask/ kitchen knife/ take your life with no hesitation/ I got the motivation from Halloween/ but I won't be killing my family/ I'm just doing this cause you just pissed off the wrong kid/ should've never cross me/ like a black Kitten/ a broken mirror/ under the ladder are you getting the picture/ fuck with me/ you'll be cursed/ future reference when you make an entrance in my verse/ now how do you hurt a bully/ teachers told me talk to an adult/ halt right there bitch/ cause more than half the time you Dont do shit/ till it's late/ its on my plate/ I dish it out/ now I'm the one being blamed/ for fucking up my bullies face/ dig his grave/ look no blood to trace/sinister smile of pleasure like I'm Dexter/ if you wanna throw me in the cage just do it save me the lecture
" I'm thought of as a sinner
I'm told I'm going to hell
But I've been at this forever
So fuck it I'm a fallen Angel "
Now comes highschool/ drugs and sex viewed as cool/ but reality showed me all of you are just talking shit/ just another follow along Bitch/ oh you Don't like my colorful language/ it's not appropriate for kids/ then why do they listen to me in the first place/ I never asked to be a role model/ or someone to look up to/ I'm neither one / so tell your son or daughter they Don't have to listen/ but you act like they need your permission/ here's an insight of my vision/ their electronics are a personal prison/ they just click and watch/ then they listen/ could be porn or violence or what ever the wishing to view/ so before you cast those hateful stones at me/ look at you in the mirror/ for your own stones of parenting before you make me an issue cause then I'll get pissed and just scream I fucking hate you

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