The Family

 She never has to scream,

  Inside or outside her broken mind,

      And he never raised an impulsive hand.

             He is never jealous, not even of the neighboor,

                  And adresses his concerns before cutting up her clothes.

                   This is who he used to be in the public eye. The truth is not far beneath.

                       She pleads him not to leave,

                           As he pulls away and fastens the tie of his business suit,

                              Ready to come home drunk to a house full of children.

                                  He does not really ever consider the detrimental damage he is doing to his once perfect family.

                                        The family he sees primmed for candid pictures, smiling and laughing about everything and nothing.

                                             It was the family that he used to have; the ones his bad habits ended. 

                                                 But the daughters stayed strong so they could hold up the weight of their sad, sad mother.

                                                    They let her heart flitter whenever he was away.

                                                          Finally one day they all took a stand,

                                                             They ended the father that was in their family forever.

                                                                Because he did not deserve them

                                                                    The girls and their mother were happy, but lonely,

                                                                         In the quiet of their fathers absence,

                                                                           So to end the story,

                                                                               They filled the rooms with smiles and laughter once again.



This poem is about: 
My family


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