Isn't the whole world against us?
Trying to weigh us down?
Aren't you all laughing at us?
Amused by our suffering?
Isn't the sky trying to crush us?
Disturbed by our strength?
Aren't we still standing?
Despite your efforts to end us?
Aren't we still holding?
Even though you've tried to separate us?
So why do you keep trying?
Why do you keep fighting?
We will never fall.
We will never break.
Your obstacles have strengthened us.
Made us who we are.
Made us immortal.
You created us.
You cannot destroy us.
We may bend, but you will never see us break.
Because we are strong.
We will carry this burden you gave us.
We will not give.
We will not shake.
We will stand strong under your endless torture.
And we will prevail.
Because we are a family.
And families don't give up.


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