Father of Lights


Dark, unsure where I was going 

scared from not knowing

which way up the stream of life I was rowing

constantly mowning from sickness, my mom is a witness

no money to buy food but plenty to get drunk with 

not I

there must be more to life than wondering where your next meal is coming from

my house was not a home even the morning sun wouldn't venture inside

I cried

I saught attention, redemption whispered in my ear

I refused to answer because I questioned why the light would dare to draw near

I tried to make it on my own but to no avail

I whailed

people who called themselves my friends used me, yet I yearned for company

the darkness always chased me as if it needed rent money

I ran into a church because I heard they had food and I was getting sick again

I learned a lot, ate a lot, prayed, amen

what to do next?

I'm not religious, I have nothing

but He had it ALL, everything I could possibly need 

and I was happy with just something

He didn't care about my circumstances, my appearance or what I had to offer

He cleaned my life, gave me hope, He called himself my Father

My father abandoned me when I was young, why trust someone new

but I realized He made me, He knows me

He's just been waiting for me to approach His view

my life changed, I was never the same

my world is filled with light, thanks to my Dad, the ultimate repair man

He lifted me up when I was weak and now on His word I stand

I am a new creation in Jesus Christ, The Father of Lights, The Great I Am



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