The Fear of Hope


I feel weighed down by all my deepest fears 

And all my highest hopes 

Fear will always whisper in your ear and taunt you.

Hope though, is a crueler joke.

Hope has the power to make you soar higher than the clouds in one second,

And in the very next instance,

Shoot you back down so fast and hard that you sink into the ground

Making it harder for hope to lift you out each time.

And sometimes that scares me even more than my fears.

The fear that fear itself can be dwarfed,

By the massive beast that is hope. 

Fear that something so inspiring and so empowering, 

Can be so soul crushing. 

And if it is, do we even dare to hope at all?

But then, even with the chance 

That hope can so absolutely distroy,

Without it we are but slaves to fear and doubt. 

Hope, as terrifying and unpredictable as it is,

Is the fuel that feeds the fire of life.

Passion, determination, perseverance, and strength,

Would not exist were it not for hope.

Because without hope,

Fear is not only a nagging vile creature, 

But also an unforgiving master.

So let hope weigh you down, 

Let it anchor your soul and strengthen your spine.

Because it is much better to be stuck fast with hope, 

Than to float away on the wings of indifference.



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