The Fear-No-Less Life

The difference of real and reality of perspective.

Two sitting in a table surrounded by people with one clock and one door in one room.

One’s reality thought of another as normal as can be, but the other herself is the one who’s really thinking the real life affection of itself.

The locked brains, no worries and fixed locks has control, but the girl with the thinking has a key to a broken lock and releases the thoughts that were wandering in her hard cracked skull.

Whelming words and wires rushing through the mind leaked out, a judgemental waterfall.

It’s just the start for her. It begins.

Sirens after sirens after sirens after sirens.

The war starts off with earthquakes and shakes of the body, steamy soaked palms, uncontrollable stares;surrounded by white eyed owls.

Gigantic closing trapped walls, her brain pleases to not be crushed.

The banging echos from the ticking clock is slowly ready to burst with toxic choking air.

A red bloody heart in a penitentiary chest screams to escape.

Dysfunctional faces and lack of accomplishment, the world becomes dense with no end.

The cure for damages seeks as a cure for cancer.

Her mind is dashing through jungles of jinx-saw-puzzle and scrambled lectures but she finds a way to sweep the madness away.

She lift her body up from the chair. Shaky weak legs she walks towards freedom, she opens the door as fresh breeze comforts her. One step out the room she then became like the others, as normal as can be but not in reality. She'll be buried with a million words alive. It's sadly real that im slightly ill, permanently STRONG. I stand tall, I’m free. Nothing shall stop me, I appreciate who I am and who I will be.


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