That Feeling


I like that feeling. That feeling when you feel so much. When every part of your body feels something and your lungs take a deep breath and your heart skips a beat... Like you may never feel anything again, and that one last breath and the last beat of your heart and the tears running down your face is the moment you will feel when you feel no more. Whatever causes this feeling, whatever emotion envelopes your every bodily function and sends you into a speechless paralysis that seizes your every muscle and every nerve and causes you to feel not just with your skin but with your soul, is beautiful. I love this feeling, and embrace it. Others who press this feeling aside, saying it shows "weakness" or "femininity," are cowardly. There is nothing more terrifying then the moment when you lose all control and feel every fiber of your being be pushed aside to make way for this feeling that has taken over your body. It takes true courage to let your feelings take you over, and i love this feeling. It gives me a rush. It feels so foreign, so unnaturally human, so beautifully divine. I seek ways to feel this feeling, and i encourage you to as-well.


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