Feeling Alive

I know that I'm young, but I feel like I'm 35
My knowledge is the only thing thats keeping me alive
As many say, age is but only a number
So I embrace my time, before my eternal slumber
Everyday's a new day to see what God grants me
Stay the course for the person He wants me to be
I see the world as a place for adventure and beauty
A place where I can carve my image and be who I want to be
A feeling of euphoria embraces my senses
My eyes begin to widen and my muscle tenses
Many see the world as a place of death and sadness
And there not lying, who can stop this madness?
I remember when I was depressed, because the world got to me
Whether it was the horrible news on tv, or me dealing with a bully
But as I grow, my minds begun to change
Now I see things in a completely different range
I don't need cars, hoes, and power to be happy
I just need God's vision to draw out a map for me
Everyday I wake, I'm happy to be alive
And I continue to progress, learn, and thrive
This is my message to the ones who are feeling down
Remember it takes less muscles to smile than too frown
Continue to love, laugh, live, and grow
And you may be one of the special ones, hey you never know
I hope these messages can put a boost in your drive
Hey don't mind me; I'm just feeling alive


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