Feelings of Experince

Looking at the ocean & it's full with tears 

The wind is blowing & my feelings are near

The birds are flying leaving me next to you

The trees are singing but they can't blow me away

The sun is shinning but your heart is dark as night

I wanna hold on but you keep letting go

I wanna love you but you wouldn't let me

You act as if you don't care but you do

You act as if you cann't love but you do

You said it's hard to trust, well it is 

You said you do't wanna get hurt &you don't wanna hurt me 

Everytime you put your guards down you keep getting hurt

Your scared of getting hurt or being hurt

You beleive in chances

What if it wasn't hard to love or trust ?

But you think your cod hearted 

And you like people to think you are cold hearted 

But you really not


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Cherika Fertil

Sometimes seeing things and going though diffcult things can be complicated. In this poem I decided to use Man vs. Self, beause it brings more of a conplaicated conflict of feelings. I did that because life isn't always straight forward. This poem is based on me fighting my true emotions and feelings because I dont want to get hurt like the people I seen hurt.To see how things impact on people I just wish I didn't have feelings but I do.



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