Feelings Inside

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 09:59 -- Ethan17

Ask me how I’m doing I’ll say alright,

But inside me my body’s all tight,

I’ve figured it out that there’s no real light,

When actually it’s just myself I fight,

The voices in my head are so plain,

They’re putting me through so much pain,

It’s causing all my emotions to simply drain,

I could really use a hand,

That would be just grand,

I don’t know what I need to do anymore,

When life really seems to be kind of just a bore,

Everyone else’s life is just seeming to really soar,

While I’m over here painfully going through hell,

And being all caged up in my cell,

I’m going to be totally honest cause I’m not doing too well,

My hopes and dreams have totally fell,

All I want to do is loudly yell,

Yell at someone to tell,

As I’m going down my path,

I sure feel the wrath,

The pressure of all my problems are closing in on me,

They’re making it extremely hard to see,

It’s hard to see if I’ll ever truly be free,

It’s hard to see if I was actually meant to be,

I’ve come to a conclusion I’ll never get through,

When all these problems keep flying at me right outta the blue,

It’s almost like I have no clue,

No clue what to do,

So I’ll go and settle down,

With one great big frown,

I might even curl up and cry,

Cause in the end all I can really do is just try.


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