A Fight To Win

Sun, 12/30/2012 - 16:05 -- Angel


United States
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From a hospital room
She hears the doctors report
Of the cancer she must fight
To keep her life
At first she only fought
But then she knew just what she must do
Do exactly as she was taught
Trust in God
And with a sob
She told her family too
Of the fight that had to be fought
To go through the strife
To keep her life
She knew what she must do
The news was hard to share
And she thought too hard to bear
But with God by her side
She knew just what to do
Two years later
The fight was fought and won
Not a cancer cell in sight
But later something wasn't right
The news was the same
As the time once before
For when from a hospital room
She would soon hear the news
"Cancer once again"
But this time she knew
Just what to do
She must trust in God
Who tested faith before
Her kids and husband by her side
She said i will win once more
And with fear yet determination
She is determined to fight again
For her life...
For her kids and more
She never once thought
How could God let me fight and win
And test me once again
She just keeps going
Trying again to win
Because shes a fighter again
Shes in the fight to win



Beautiful poem! I loved the purpose and rhyme scheme. Very inspirational

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