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Jerome "Jerry" Armstrong
A Fighter
Not only in war
But in life

Fun, Loving, Caring too.
You are a role model

Right now your not just a Marine,
You’re a Cancer patient.
But you’re strong.
You’re fighting; and succeeding.
You truly are a fighter

I wish you would be healthy.
Not lying in a hospital

I cry when I hear your doing bad,
I smile when i hear your doing fantastic
But i wish i could smile all the time.

All i have to say is
I Love You
You are my hero.

I miss you too much
I miss your warm smile
Even your hugs.
You made my day, even when i was down
you know how to put a smile on my face.

I need you home.
I need you in Cleveland
Not California, Texas
Or across seas at war.
With your mom and brother.

Can we go back to the old days
No Marines, no wife, no cancer
Just a happy, loving family
Us playing soccer in the backyard
Even football
I wish you could be here.

You are a fighter
You are a hero
So i will wait for you
Wait for you to come home healthy, back to normal
Waiting for those warm hugs
And that warm smile of yours.

Get better
I Love You
Hoo Ra!


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