The Fighter


The Fighter

By: Amanda Gerber


She fights the tears pushing harder but still nothing changes.

She’s stuck in a box…the box inside her soul.

The pain starts to grow in her eyes,

 showing every one of her beatings.


She feels her heart crash to the ground,

 suffocating in its agony.

She takes another swing through the walls of her life.

Bruises caress her broken battered body.


She may be broken, tortured, and hated.

She will never stop fighting for her dreams.

Sudden anxiety passes through her body,

 crashing her to the ground crying again.

She gaps for air,

 like a fish out of water.


She wants to believe in herself.

She wants the ones who push her back to ground to suffer like she did.

She wants to point the finger for once in her life.

Only if she wasn’t trapped in the little box called her life.


She says she has nothing to live for.

She says she only has one shot to end it all.

Again why?

She will never know how a real life should be.


She will never know the power of her soul.

All she knows is the fight.

Those predator reflexes in her eyes would even blind the soulless.

The cold as stone mentality,

 that burns every ounce of her humanity.


She’s the perfect warrior but of course they will never see a sign.

Not even a hint.

They will never understand the monster created in her.

To be continued.


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