Finding Hope #SpeakYourMindSlam


the girl of my dreams better stay in my dreams

cuz im tryna live life, and not stay in between

what's real and what isnt, turn this change into cream

my joy is disappearing like the words when they fade in the screen

at the end of the movie

got no friends when im losing,

try my best to keep moving, i find rest in this music

yeah music is soothing, and these lyrics im choosing

help me escape from this place that i made

hell's on the plate and satan's the maid

fell on my face, but i say that im great

i say im ok, but i know that i aintt

cuz im holding to the pain that i blame for my past

i mean im holding to the past that i blame for my pain

you see i cant think straight and i cant think fast

when im still in the dark sitting flat on my ass

got no cash in my hands, i dont rap for the fans

i find hope in my words when they land on the pad

and ive grown from a sperm to a plant, now a man

feel my soul as it burns into ashes of sand

let it blow in the wind, feeling cold in my sin

but im closer to him when im holding the pen

yeah they laughed at my plans but i never payed notice

cuz i got still got my fam, and i hope that they know this

ill die for my little bro although i hardly say i love em'

i love you Angel, youll always be my little brother

and im sorry for all the stupid shit ive told ya

when u were just a kid, i knew i should of held youcloser

but whats done is done, i cant forget the oldest son

you held me in your arms before they made you hold a gun

before the pipe, before the drugs, before the smoke and such

we found our hope in love, forgetting that were BROKE AS FU**K

please forgive me, i just had to open up


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